Welcome to Windy Hill Alpaca Farm

- one of the most interesting and unusual farms in the world!

Our farm is located in Georgia, USA, and it sincerely welcomes tourists from all over the world. The foundation of the farm dates back to 2010, when the owner and manager of the farm, David Kraig, decided to breed these animals on his own farm. Having only 10 alpacas in his household, David was excited to breed them to grow their number and attract local visitors as well as those from abroad. And he really succeed in this endeavour.

Today, the livestock of alpacas living on Windy Hill Alpaca Farm constitutes 150 animals and it keeps growing with every passing year. Farming specialists try their best effort and use their special skills and knowledge to apply a variety of creative approaches to breed alpacas and take care of them. This concerns almost everything they do to improve the living conditions of these animals, including health care, feeding etc. As a result, you can enjoy the look of these cute and fantastically soft alpacas, getting the best emotions possible. Having visited Windy Hill Alpaca Farm, you and your kids will be able to pet the animals and watch the way they behave in the surrounding, which is very close to that they have got used to live in before. When alpacas see their visitors, they gather near the fence waiting for the treats. Don't miss your chance to witness this amazing picture and visit our innovative Windy Hill Alpaca Farm any time of the day!