About Alpacas

Alpacas are social animals that are very curious and friendly in nature.

They come from the South America and are considered the domesticated lama species. Due to the amazingly soft but thick coats, alpacas can live high in the mountains. The approximate height of an adult alpaca is 95-105 centimeters, while the average weight reaches up to 55-65 kilos. Newborn alpacas weight around 1 kilo, but the weight reaches up to 30 kilos during the first nine months of their life. The overall lifetime duration constitutes 25 years.

Alpacas are very active during the daytime. They mainly eat grass and perennial plants, but it’s also possible to feed the animals with other food types, rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Even though, the animals mainly live in mountainous areas and forests, alpacas have been domestic animals for over 2000 years. People started breeding them in ancient times to get wool, meat and skin.

Alpacas are very friendly, kind and cute animals. Their look always attracts the attention of kids and adults, triggering the desire to get to know these animals better. The wool of alpacas is valued most of all because of its properties. As of today, the number of these animals living on the planet constitutes around 3 millions and it keeps growing, which is explained by the increased demand for the wool of the animals.