Excursions to Windy Hill Alpaca Farm

Are you interested to see alpacas with your own eyes? Do you wish to surprise your kids by letting them interact with these cute and friendly animals?

If so, then you are welcome to visit Windy Hill Alpaca Farm! We invite you on individual and group excursions that will impress you by their interesting approach, creativity, unbelievable emotions and valuable information, which will appeal both to kids and adults.

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Each excursion consists of several activities or stages. At first, you will get acquainted with the animals. It will be possible to pet and feed alpacas, listening to the valuable information about them. If you wish, you can take photos with the animals that will help preserve your memories for a lifetime. The next point of our excursion schedule is visiting the wool workshop, where you will find out the unique properties of alpaca wool, the ways to work with it, the secrets of taking care of these animals and life on a farm in general. Finally, you will have free time to have a walk on a farm, organize a picnic and enjoy the atmosphere. We are really excited to welcome you on our Windy Hill Alpaca Farm any time you wish!